Poetry Collections:

A Thread of Scarlet (2024)
Songs of the Islands (2005)
Dawn Will Break (2002)
Songs of Consonants (2001)
Songs of Youth (1998)
Parting Strengthens Poetry (1996)
Uncollected poems
  • Courtyard


    Somnolescence: soundly sacked in standing stench of sickled soul,searing secret sickness cited silently.Seeming solitude.Site of solace: a central safe of sacred safety,sullied sins swept soundly seaward.Second singing: Savior, certainly sanctioning, soliloquy. Composed October… Read more…

  • The Teacher

    The Teacher

    The sunlight is not shy today.It runs across the leavesblown cold from limbs now dark with knowledge;dust they are.A bird hesitated, left to remain,bathes in summer memory.One leaf blown cold across the silver… Read more…

  • Resurrection


    Eyes made rain in mossy woodsgrey with ancientness of purpose.Love’s reach, like drops on polished glass,rushed down before those who speak their mind – Unworthy of reflection – falling.Love’s reach like stream to… Read more…

  • 1. Manoa Falls

    1. Manoa Falls

    From Songs of the Islands (2005) Go there in the early time —Know the secrets of the trees.Walk the path of muddy rock.Meet the orchid on her knees.Go there in the early time… Read more…