From Songs of the Islands (2005)

Go there in the early time —
Know the secrets of the trees.
Walk the path of muddy rock.
Meet the orchid on her knees.

Go there in the early time —
open field of dreaming mist,
clearing in the tangled green,
early sunlight gently kissed.

Go there in the early time —
know for now we cannot stay.
Stand beneath the flowing falls.
Feel the ferns along the way.

And up above the rain is falling.
Clouds that rest on earth are there,
and there the shama thrush is calling,
soaring through the liquid air.
Composed July 19, 2005 by Mark Feezell /
Included in Feezell’s poetry collection Songs of the Islands (2005)
Dedicated to the Public Domain (CC0 1.0) 2024

Download as an RTF file.

Image: Manoa Falls (IMG_1889)

poetry, Songs of the Islands (2005)

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