Dawn Will Break (2002)

  • 1. Blinded

    1. Blinded

    From Dawn Will Break (2002) I know the way. I have, before, been there.Seen it a thousand times.Walked there, drove there, rode there, ran there, sat there, been there.I know the Way, butwhere I am unknown I stay,reasoning I should be deserving,unknowing where I am known,Blinded. Composed April and May 2002 by Mark Feezell / […] Read more…

  • 2. I Am that I Am

    2. I Am that I Am

    From Dawn Will Break (2002) I am a Panamanian,harvesting bananas in the hot and steamy summerof the brightly-sweltered sun.I am a soldier, fighting,brutal, fierce, a terror in the night,aged down with all my eight years.I am a sweeper down below,unworded and unworthy and unvisible,eyes choosing not, chosen not.I am a widow’s daughter,widowed now herself, aloneand […] Read more…

  • 3. Shallow Luminosity

    3. Shallow Luminosity

    From Dawn Will Break (2002) Hollow, chimes pile webs across thegrasses, flowers, or weeks, or in-between them,and sifted silence mounts the cobbled sky.Darkness weighs the vapors on the hillside,drawn down bitter black between the stars.Choosing, chosen, falling to ascend,widened arms in grayed-up mist,widened eyes in grayed-up mist,Dawn will break the blackened canvas:shallow luminosity I’ll take […] Read more…