2. Where Now the Glory?

From A Thread of Scarlet (2024)

Where now the burning bush where Moses, startled, stood?
Where now the brazen altar built of fine acacia wood?
Or where the flaming pillar in the freezing desert night?
Where now the parted waters of the people’s hasty flight?

Where now the burning wheels flashing out beneath the throne?
Where now the fiery chariots burning brighter than the sun?
Or where the glory of the Lord that from the temple rose?
Where now the desert Rock from which the living water flows?

The glory of the former things must not be counted loss:
For truly all of these and more were given at the cross,
Flames and waters, blazing glories, beauties blinding fair:
Where two or three are gathered, then the Lord Himself is there.
Composed February 24, 2024 by Mark Feezell / DrFeezell.com
Included in Feezell’s poetry collection A Thread of Scarlet (2024)
Dedicated to the Public Domain (CC0 1.0) 2024

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Image: Rushing River in The Narrows (DSC03177)

poetry, A Thread of Scarlet (2024)