From A Thread of Scarlet (2024)

…that stillness in the misty air:
a line I heard — or said? — 
or read in once-upon-a-time,
supposing missed and never mine,
or raising eyes of weariness
to miss the fleeting glimpse of bliss.
Yet now with fingers numbed in cold
the Dawn approaches, strangely bold,
and pulling up my countenance
to face the far horizon’s line,
a thread of scarlet wispiness
now cracks the silence slowly wide,
and though now hemmed by measured time,
I open wide my lips…

…and sing.
Composed February 21, 2024 by Mark Feezell /
Included in Feezell’s poetry collection A Thread of Scarlet (2024)
Dedicated to the Public Domain (CC0 1.0) 2024

This poem came as I drove home after a church Life Group meeting in which Tiffany had a vision of me as a seedling growing among redwoods and the group prayed for me. This is the first poetry I had written in 19 years.

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Image: Haleakala Sunrise (IMG_9751)

poetry, A Thread of Scarlet (2024)