From Songs of Consonants (2001) for Soprano Voice and Piano


Songs of Consonants is a cycle of four songs for soprano voice and piano based on texts by the composer available under Songs of Consonants (2001).

The song cycle is dedicated to my maternal grandfather, who died a prisoner in World War II, and to my maternal grandmother, who lived on without him. “No greater love…”

The entire song cycle, including texts and music, has been placed into the public domain as of March 18, 2024 by Mark Feezell. It is the Lord’s.

Performers may perform individual songs independently or the entire cycle in sequence (approximately 10 minutes).

The score for the complete song cycle is available here: Songs of Consonants (2001, Soprano and Piano)

MP3 Sample Recording

This MP3 is from the premiere performance in 2002, posted here by permission of the performers:

Colleen Hughes Mallette, Soprano, High C Diva Performances on FB and The Next Act on Amazon

Mark Stamper, Piano, now residing in New Zealand

2. I Will Not Walk Away:

PDF Score

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