King David Dances

And still King David dances there
before King David’s Son,
bathed in glory washing from the Throne above all thrones above,
without rebuke or shame or pause —
arms, legs, head, hands, feet
twirling, spinning, rushing, blurring, swirling

— music —

holy, worthy, wholly worthy, worthy Son
— King still — and David dances there!

Composed March 6, 2024, 8:30 p.m. by Mark Feezell /
Dedicated to the Public Domain (CC0 1.0) 2024

Received near the end of a joint worship night at Antioch Church with Antioch and Convergence Church in Fort Worth as I watched someone dancing in worship.

Download as an RTF file.

Image: Road to Hana Waterfall (IMG_1848)

poetry, uncollected

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