From Songs of Youth (1998) for Baritone Voice and Marimba


Songs of Youth is a cycle of seven songs for baritone or bass voice and marimba based on texts by the composer available under Songs of Youth (1998). The entire song cycle, including texts and music, has been placed into the public domain as of March 15, 2024 by Mark Feezell. It is the Lord’s.

A five-octave, concert grand marimba is preferred, but the songs may also be performed on a quality four-octave marimba. Performers may perform individual songs independently or the entire cycle in sequence (approximately 19-23 minutes).

For best results, print the score landscape on legal-sized (or similar large) paper.

The score for the complete song cycle is available here: Songs of Youth (1998, Baritone Voice and Marimba)

MP3 Sample Recording

This MP3 is from the premiere performance on November 21, 1998, posted here by permission of the performers:

Markus Lloyd, baritone,

Nick Petrella, marimba,

3. Wondering:

PDF Score

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