3. All the Fish I Saw One Day

From Songs of the Islands (2005)

These are all the fish I saw one day
when I snorkeled Hanauma Bay:

Bonefish, milkfish, manybar goatfish,
bird wrasse, saddle wrasse, yellowfin surgeonfish,
convict tang, Achilles tang, redlip parrotfish,
moorish idol, Christmas wrasse, flat-tailed needlefish.

Scarface blenny, black sergeant, orangeband surgeonfish,
doublebar goatfish, moray eel, hawkfish,
zebra blenny, sailfin tang, ornate wrasse, trumpetfish,
whitespotted toby, and a whitesaddle goatfish.

Butterflyfish: threadfin, bluestripe, bluehead, milletseed, ornate, fourspot, …raccoon!

Unicornfish, porcupinefish, brown surgeonfish, regal parrotfish, star-eye parrotfish, Picasso triggerfish,

Ringtail, blueline, eye-stripe, gold-ring, and
whitespotted surgeonfish.

These are all the fish I saw one day
when I snorkeled Hanauma Bay!

Click here for more of my fish pictures.

Composed July 19, 2005 by Mark Feezell / DrFeezell.com
Included in Feezell’s poetry collection Songs of the Islands (2005)
Dedicated to the Public Domain (CC0 1.0) 2024

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Image: Raccoon Butterflyfish (P3140216)

poetry, Songs of the Islands (2005)

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